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Three Steps for Filing Insurance Claims

At Healthcare Professionals Insurance Company, we understand filing insurance claims can be stressful, especially malpractice claims. We have created a simplified process of three easy steps to help, and further assistance is available through our claims department at

(518) 862-0110.

Step One: Download & Complete Notice of Claim*

We have created a simple physican's notice of claim form that we require to process your claim. You should download and complete this form, and send it to us (you may also find this form in the annual policy packet mailed to you upon renewal). In order to avoid unnecessary delays, please complete the form carefully, and attach copies (not originals) of any letters or legal documents relevant to the suit or claim you are reporting.

Step Two (optional): Contact Our Claims Department- should you not be clear with the claims notification form

Whenever you become aware of a claim or receive legal papers regarding a malpractice lawsuit, even if it's just a situation that may result in a claim, you should contact us. In order to best assist in your defense and comply with the terms of your policy, we are always available to review the claims notification procedures required.

Step Three: Mail Form & Required Documents

To protect your file and ensure that Healthcare Professionals Insurance Company has received your form and supporting documents, we suggest sending this via USPS, FedEx™, or UPS™. These methods provide you with receipts and tracking opportunities.