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Based in Albany, New York, Healthcare Professionals Insurance Company knows liability insurance, and focuses on excess liability options. Our Staff has more than 40 years of experience in the industry, so you can count on us to field your questions or concerns about malpractice insurance cases or claims.

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Funded by New York State

The Medical Malpractice Reform Act provides NYS funding of excess coverage for qualifying physicians, surgeons, and dentists. The NYS Insurance Department has approved Healthcare Professionals Insurance Company as an authorized carrier, and if you meet the requirements for this program, we can ensure no cost to you or your hospital. We are the largest writer of the NYS excess liability program, covering the vast majority of physicians, surgeons, and dentists in New York State.

Physicians, surgeons, and dentists who practice in New York State carry an underlying primary professional liability policy. The medical staff by-laws in many New York hospitals require their physicians to hold excess limits of liability in addition to primary coverage before extending hospital privileges. These excess limits give you additional protection in higher value cases.